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Israel asks U.S. foreign aid be paid in EUROS

FYI - the Euro is now worth about 1.4 US Dollars.

Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni

Secretary of State Rice has acknowledged a communique from Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Levni which requests that all foreign aid payments and loans from the United States be made in Euros rather than in Dollars. Foreign Minister Levni cited the rapidly declining dollar and it's disfavor as a world currency as reasons for the request.

"In the spirit of Yom Kippur, the United States will not hold Israel to any agreements obligating them to accept Dollars as payment for their foreign aid. We will translate our obligations into Euros or whatever currency that best fits Israel's needs" Secretary Rice said in the Friday, Sept 21 announcement.

"We need to place our Israeli obligations at the top of our national priority list. Israel should not suffer any inconvenience due to currency fluctuations" said Rice before heading off to Camp David.

A similar request from Egypt was declined last week.



"We need to place our Israeli obligations at the top of our national prioriy list. Israel should not suffer any inconvenience due to currency fluctuations..."

"But, Americans can eat shit and die."

That woman should be flogged in public (or much worse)!

Who does she think she was hired to serve???

"Money" has no value - people do.


"Money" has no value - people do.


naughty boy! ;)

"Money" has no value - people do.


"Money" has no value - people do.

You couldent make this up lol dear me what next?

"Iraq is a War.
Afghanistan is an Occupation.
Suicide-Bombing is a Terrorism.
Guantanamo is a Concentration Camp.
Detention without Charge is an Inquisition."

[ Shaykh abdal qadir as sufi ]

"Iraq is a War. Afghanistan is an Occupation. Suicide-Bombing is a Terrorism. Guantanamo is a Concentration Camp. Detention without Charge is an Inquisition." [ Shaykh abdal qadir as sufi ]

Little ex-Mossad #$%*@!!!!

On a brighter note, this is further ammunition to use against anyone who supports israel. The zio-vampires won't even accept U.S. currency as blood. They now require that the U.S. first purify its blood into Euros.

Once again a whizz-bag catch by the (appropriately named) Claymoremind.

Was it a satire?

Unbelievable, hey can I get paid in euros now too?

any links?

A couple of quotes from the Internet….

"The dollar is a basket case," said Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital. "We are going to pay the piper for years of having the underlying fundamentals of our economy disintegrate beneath our feet."


“Thinking it is good that the value of the dollar is low because it means we get to export more, is like thinking it’s good you totaled your car, because that means you won’t have to pay for gas and insurance anymore.”

“That’s it. I’m moving to Zimbabwe.”

“Don’t panic, folks. We’re just making way for the Amero.”

”I have some old Confederate dollars. Maybe they’ll be accepted again.”

“The Federal Debt is greater than the sum of all money on the planet. What did you think would happen?”

“I live in Germany. The glorious spin on the radio was, Euro reaches all time high! Of course, this has no effect on European prices of imports (mostly from Asia). We will continue to be ripped off. Most electronics goods cost 50-100% more than they do in the US. We're told this is import duties, or higher costs of distribution in Europe. In reality, we are charged more because the companies can get away with it.”

“Yeah? Well I live in Norway. The dollar is nearing record lows against the Norwegian kroner too. Next time I travel to the US, I think I´ll take a week’s salary and buy a new car!”

“You think this is good for Europe? Products from EU countries are more and more expensive for the US. Therefore EU exports to the US will drop.”

“One reason the dollar was the king currency was that people had a higher rate of return if they invested in dollar denominated assets. The U.S. military’s strength guaranteed risk free investment in U.S. treasuries. Now with the world's emerging markets in China, India, and Eastern Europe, money is flowing out of U.S. toward the rest of the world. People are warming up to the idea of investing in countries other than the U.S. Chinese stocks are on fire.”

“I sense a Christmas shopping trip to the US coming up this year. I can understand that the US isn't happy about this, but for the rest of the world it's party time!”

The dollar hit a record low against the euro this week, but the bigger story for many currency watchers was the greenback's slip against the yen. A sharp rise in the yen could have nasty consequences for millions of investors around the world. The dollar slid to a one-month low of ¥120.96 yen on Wednesday, raising concerns that a strengthening of the Japanese currency could put billions of dollars worth of low-cost yen loans in peril.

For years, investors have been borrowing at Japan's super-low interest rates and selling yen to buy investments in higher-yielding currencies - a trading bet known on Wall Street as the "yen carry trade." A big, sustained rebound in the yen could jeopardize those trades. The yen is a funding currency. When it rallies, it makes the repayment of those yen loans more expensive, even though interest rates are low.

As the dollar dies, investors to seek safer places for their assets - and exit the yen carry trade. Even though the dollar is at an all-time low against the euro, its movement against the yen may be what bears closer watching.

Submitted in the spirit of Greg Bacon's classic Israeli PM vows to "Wipe Iran off the Map""

I saw your post an hour ago, and I'm still laughing. You have truly outdone yourself!

The sick thing is that this is probably true in any case. How do we keep track of all the U.S. aid given to isra-hell?
Wouldn't it make sense for them to demand Euros? No one in the US government would dare refuse, or even mention it. Which zio-media outlet would print it? Has the zio-media run with the story that the Canadian dollar is now worth more than the U.S. dollar? Soon the Mexican peso will also be on par with the dollar, which will complete the North American Union plan.

Your post is brilliant because it's true. Most impressive.

We should start dropping seeds in other web sites.

Little comments like this...

"I heard that israel is now demanding that U.S. aid be in euros, not dollars. Does anyone know if that's true? How exactly can we find out? Does anyone have web links?"

Since zio-secrecy is imprenetrable, there is no real way to confirm or deny it. And since it is a question, not an assertion, the zionists and their slaves cannot get much mileage from attacking it. All they can say is, "You're a vicious anti-Semite for even asking."

Secretary Rice added that borscht and gefilte fish could also be substituted for Dollars or Euros.

She nixed the idea of payment in Rice balls!
"We hold these truths to be self-evident"

"We hold these truths to be self-evident"

LOL Qrswave!! I love the tags "leech nation" and "sucking sound"!!
Why not feed those bastards with a little of their own poison?:)

Cherifa Sirry

This is Claymore's genius!

I was completely fooled.

I swallowed it hook, line, and sinker.

It wasn't until I saw the "satire" tag that I realized it was a prank.

But, hey - can you blame me for believing it?

It's entirely plausible.

"Money" has no value - people do.


"Money" has no value - people do.

In June this blog had a short article entitled "Shekel Wise Dollar Foolish" describing how much the Shekel has appreciated relative to the Dollar.

Knowing Israel's propensity to express gratitude I wrote the following as my comment under the title The Shekels rise and the Dollar's fall:

"Want to make a bet how long it will take for Israel to refuse American financial assistance in Dollars and demand it to be paid out in Shekels?"

Nobody has expressed interest in betting against my preposterous idea, but then again we have become used to the fact that reality surpasses even the wildest and sickest ideas that we might dream up!

The funny thing is that formally we are talking about US loans to Israel, and a borrower in his right mind would never demand to take on debt obligations in a currency which is gaining strength. Therefore, what makes it logical is that Israeli debt to the US is never paid back but routinely forgiven!

The US financial assistance is not conditional, and it is not project finance. It is not given to attain specific, agreed goals, it is simply a generous financial handout, it is unilateral because Israel wants the US money but it would never accept any form of accountability for it.

So the relationship between the two parties is like that of a (formerly) rich man who is stopped in the street by a well dressed beggar. Having difficulty in accepting his new financial reality the man gives the beggar generously money that he himself borrowed from others.

But the beggar refuses: He is a prudent beggar and does not want to assume risks involved in accepting the man's dubious money.

The man has a good heart, and in the spirit of Yom Kippur he accepts to hand over his remaining blank checks (when you assume a financial obligation of unknown magnitude you are in fact issuing blank checks) well knowing that they will bounce anyhow.

Happy Yom Kippur!

P.S. By the way it is claimed that the acute reason for the attack on Iraq was caused by the fact that Saddam Hussein had started to demand payment of oil in EUROs, and the same issue is being given a lot of attention when it comes to the assessment of the likelihood of a US attack on Iran. If applying the same logic the US should nuke Israel as well when it is mobilized for destruction of the region anyway. Please do not misunderstand me: I do not want any country to be nuked, but the perspective might offer helpful input to a process driven by insanity.

to this satire, the more I realize that it's an excellent exercise in demonstrating the insanity of floating currency exchange.

It's a colossal worldwide scam, that benefits only the moneychangers.

It MUST stop.

"Money" has no value - people do.


"Money" has no value - people do.

Claymore... excellent post and fantastic tags especially the "leech nation" and "sucking sound"!! LOL! Its too bad that we're not all in same country.. We could have met, planned and coordinated our own campaigns that would have driven the Israelis mad!! How I would love to see them handle what they do to us all the time..

Great post!

Cherifa Sirry

-you have no idea how popular this blog of yours is on the myspace bulletin board circuit. It's being reposted ad infinitum by the outraged myspace anti-Zionist crew who have obviously swallowed it hook, line and sinker. I've emailed a couple of them, but there's no way I'm emailing them all.

I absolutely love it, but I think these satires need to be more prominently labeled for what they are, especially ones this well-written and (unbelievably) believable.

oooooooh those greedy jews! LOL

this site is anti-zionist, not anti-Jewish. Nice try.

CoZ, the post is labeled "satire" and "gotcha" and it's fairly easy to notice as soon as you get to the bottom.

The problem is - Americans and everyone else in the world are so used to watching israel ask for (and get) special treatment from the US that this scenario is entirely believable, as outrageous as it is.

Whose fault is that?

Certainly, not the author of the satire.

"Money" has no value - people do.


"Money" has no value - people do.

The West Bank is not the only place that is occupied by Israel...try the halls of Congress & the White House. We might as well just send our taxes right to Tel Euros of course.

we will back it up with future sales on interstellar planetoids, stars etc. We have right to do so since no US or an other flag is pinned on them till now. They have oil, gold, WMDs that support their currency but mineral resources only in our galaxy are priceless. What the heck we will even give a 50% discount to first 6 billion callers. We can call it $Milkem and its inital value should be 1 on 1 with Euro. What say you?! Once we sell half of galaxy we may help US repay its debt to Federal Reserve. But no profits from this colossal venture will ever be allowed for Ziostan. Agreed?

"Let there be Light!"

"Let there be Light!"

Anyone who spent even a second wondering "maybe ...?" (like me) has got to ask themselves why that is.

Actually, the ZIONAZI's had demanded payment in gold, but when they checked the repository for the U.S. government's gold, Ft. Knox, there was none to be found.

It had been claimed by the Federal Reserve to pay off bills owed to the private bankers.

Greg Bacon

It had been claimed by the Federal Reserve to pay off bills owed to the private bankers.

Looking forward to the day when it is taken back by the people it belongs to - the American citizenry - and the thieves strung up as the price for their treachery.

Yeah this is just more proof of who tells the US what to do. They say jump, the US says how high. Of course i am a filthy anti-semite for daring to mention it.

..i say we make all the gold into nice pottery and computer chips; otherwise useless.

..and check out the vampires with the parasite pose, you can almost hear that sic sucking sound!

poxman; a true anti-shemite.

Aipac, Israeli control of U.S. Media, Palestinian oppression: All subjects I'm sympathetic to. I have two questions tho: 1. Why no source for this quote(admittedly there's no reason to trust MSM etc., but nothing)?
2. Isn't the picture of the Israeli women above w/ her hands curled like a plotting witch or w/e kind of...propagandish?

All I can say is that these two observations make me feel a little bit...propagandized...maybe even w/ a whiff of U.S. INT.
Idk tho, maybe I'm paranoid.

Please remove this comment and my previous Dylan one - it obviously isn't working right

Claymoremind, it works fine. It just takes a little time to get started :)

still want to delete it?

"Money" has no value - people do.


"Money" has no value - people do.

Maybe it had something to do with the 47 tabs I had open!

Delete this drug dealer please - all "subject" posts

I should have scrolled down before I sent this article out to 200 people. The satire probably set us back a bit.

I read 100 stories or more a day and when the article ends I will act upon it if it seems worthy. Granted, making the mistake of trusting this website was my own, but if you are a Patriot then I suggest you remove this article and replace it with something that doesn't discount our efforts to save the world.

I agree with you.

“I suggest you remove this article and replace it with something that doesn't discount our efforts to save the world.”

Satires don't discount our efforts. Quite the contrary. They get people to think. Their humor offsets the gloom that turns people off. Humor allows people to laugh at Zionists for the miserable creeps they are. Humor penetrates segments of society that ordinary articles can’t.

Good satires are extremely close to truth. If they are not true today, they will be true tomorrow. Besides, the Khazar-parasites probably did start requesting payments in euros. They would not announce it publicly.

Zionists and banksters regard all weapons to be appropriate. They murdered 3,000 people on 9-11. Therefore all weapons against them are appropriate, including satires that work through the Internet via a process akin to in “viral advertising.”

Also, putting the word “satire” is at the bottom of the post gets people into the habit of looking closer at the lies they are told every day.

..not only are these satires humorous, witty and sarcastic, they're great learning tools for fools that don't think critically!

..they wouldn't be SATiRES any other way!

..and nice try whateveryournamewas, we will save what's left of the world when the zoopremacists are defeated.

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