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What Our Tax Dollars Pay For (Brace Yourself)


"We - Israeli Soldiers - were put there to punish the Palestinians", says Ilan Vilenda, an Israeli soldier who served in Rafah during the first Intifada.

Ilan is the only soldier of 21 who agreed to have his name published, after he was interviewed by psychologist Nofer Ishai-Karen.

The soldiers spoke freely to Nofer, who served with them in the same ASHBAL platoon 20 years ago; They disclosing their innermost emotions about the horrendous crimes, in which they took part: Murder, breaking bones of Palestinian children, actions of humiliation, destruction of property, robbery and theft.

Soldier "A" testimony:

"We decided to turn an old shower in our base to a make-shift detention cell. A Palestinian was brought there, handcuffed and mouth banded so he couldn't talk, or move. We "forgot him there for three days"...

Soldier "B" testimony:

"I was on my first patrol. Others simply shot like mad. I started to shoot as they did. They 'set my on'. I took my weapon and shot. Nobody was there to tell me otherwise"

-- Psychologist Ishai-Karen was shocked to find that the soldiers enjoyed the 'intoxication of power', and had pleasure from using violence.

She said: "Most of my interviewees enjoyed their own instigated violence during their Occupation service''.

Soldier "C" testimony:

"The truth is that I love this mess - I enjoy it. It is like being on drugs. If I didn't enter Rafah, to put down some rebellion -at least once a week- I'd go berserk.

Soldier "D" testimony:

What is great is that you don't have to follow any law or rule. You feel that YOU ARE THE LAW; you decide. Once you go into the Occupied Territories YOU ARE GOD".

Emotional dumbness.......
Soldier "E" testimony:

We drove an APC through Rafah. A man of 25 walked nearby. He didn't hurl a stone at us or anything. Then without any reason "X" shot him in the stomach. We left him lying on the sidewalk".

Soldier "F" testimony:

Some "tough guys" developed it into 'an ideology', according to which we have to react brutally even for minor events. A woman threw a sandal at me. I kicked her with my foot at her crotch. I broke her. She can't have children any longer. Next time she won't throw sandals at me... and when another woman spat at me she got the butt of my gun in her face. She can't spit now.


"This morning, he was photographing in the Zaitoun area of Gaza, where he lives, when Israeli tanks entered the area. He was injured by shrapnel in his mouth, hand and body, but continued to work believing, in the words of Ma'an, that "his honest photos might move the hearts and conscience of the world........

When he continued to work, Israeli soldiers aimed at him directly, and shot him in the stomach. Eyewitnesses reported that he fell to the ground shouting "Where is the camera?
There are many photos in it which are witness to the killing of Palestinians; there are many photos of the Palestinians who have been killed."


Soldier "G" described his first forced entry to a home to detain a Palestinian:

"He was real big, some 30 years old. He refused detention. We hit him but couldn't force him down. Some people came hurling stones at us. We beat him and told him to lie down. Till he finally did. We drove to the base with him. By that time he had lost consciousness. He died some days later".

Nofer Ishai-Karen: "Some NCOs encouraged the soldiers to behave brutally, and provided their own example.

Soldier "H" testimony:

After two months in Rafah a new NCO commander arrived. The first patrol, which he commanded, was at 06 hours. Rafah was under curfew.

Not a soul was on the street. Then he saw a young boy, of about 4, playing in the sand in the courtyard of his home. The kid was building a castle in the sand.

Suddenly the NCO, a guy from the Engineers Corps, ran to chase the kid. We followed. He captured the kid and broke his elbow. Broke the kid's elbow! Damn me if I'm not telling the truth!

Then the NCO treaded on the kid's stomach three times, before he moved on. We couldn't believe our eyes... But the next day we went on patrol with that guy and the soldiers started to imitate him...

What happened then?

Some guys couldn't stomach it. The case of severe abuse of three young adolescents, who were bounded hand and foot by a staff sergeant, got them to alert a senior officer.

"When the medic arrived the boys were bleeding all over, their clothes were soaked with blood, and they were shivering from fear. They were made to kneel like dogs and were afraid to move".

The NCO was punished by 3 months detention. But the platoon commander backed the NCO and reprimanded the conscientious soldiers for 'defaming the platoon'."

Nofer Ishai-Karen: The sacred value in the [Israeli] Army is "fighters' solidarity", i.e., loyalty towards your fellow combatants. The platoons
protected its secrets, as a family defends its 'black sheep'.

The fellows regard as "traitors" the conscientious soldiers, says Nofer Ishai-Karen. The cover-up was complete when our 'good guy' was excommunicated and ostracized by the entire platoon. And the NCO? He left the country, and now lives in the U.S. of A.

The majority of the soldiers of these platoons had left Israel . Only five or six remain in Israel.

Nofer studied two platoons ESHBAL and ESHKHAR, the last was more extremely violent, she says.

Finally back to Ilan Vilenda, the only soldier who allowed Nofer to use his full name and even be photographed. Vilenda was a staff sergeant in charge of 'operations'.

ILAN' VILENDA'S testimony:

"Our job was to beat them... I personally hit a boy and another. I used my hands or the truncheon. We beat more severely [Palestinian] adults.

We acted like policemen but we acted outside the law. There was this Palestinian who had a TV at home. The World Cup in Soccer was on, and we used to invade his privacy to watch the games. After a while he had enough, and asked us take the TV set and move.

"I was born on a Kibbutz, to a family whose values were humane 'Zionist left wing'. The Palestinians threw tons of stones at us. Whereas at the beginning my ideological commitment restrained my actions, my anger accumulated, and I released it violently.

It was meant to be. We were there "to make them [Palestinians] pay. My political views changed too. I now support the extreme-right-religious National-Religious Party.

After his release from the army, Vilenda and 5 other Israelis were arrested in Goa , India for possession of LSD.

Dead bride.

"I wanted to serve my country. This was my task... but the entire IDF is executing illegal-orders.

Who is responsible?

General Matan Vilna'i [now serving under Ehud Barak as vice Minister of Defense] was at the time [during the FIRST INTIFADA] Chief of the IDF Southern Command.

He often visited our platoon and discussed with soldiers, says Nofer But...there you go... the 'Instruments of DENIAL and CONCEALMENT' went to work..."

Besides: The Israeli Army didn't provide the unit with regular training, nor were the soldiers given regular leaves, or provided with free time to recuperate and recover.

The interviewed soldiers maintained that the longer they operated [against the Palestinians in Rafah] without leave, the more violent they became in imposing their kind of 'Law and Order'.

They claimed "Army [commanders] were aware of the erosion towards violence, and encouraged it in order to save manpower".


General Matan Vilna'i must have known what happened. High-ranking officers who served on the Occupied West Bank had voiced similar warnings against Israeli Army behavior. "The orders left a wide gap, a margin... of intentionally un-specified 'grey zone', which encouraged violent behavior of soldiers", said Reserve Colonel Elisha Shapira, who served in the Nablus Area at the same time.

Soldiers were told "don't hit Palestinians - but bring them to interrogation 'swell-headed' - blown-up".

The events, which Nofer Ishai-Karen researched, happened some 17 years ago. The situation has further deteriorated since that time. Now Israeli Army and Air Force General openly take pride in acts of revenge against Palestinian civilians. Maj-Gen Eliezer Shkeidi took pride in announcing that his pilots break the sound barrier over Gaza , producing sonic booms.

These cause severe PTSD symptoms among young children; they have also caused miscarriages among pregnant women. The indiscriminate shelling of Palestinian homes had caused many deaths lately, including many children. Perhaps last but not least: The Israeli cabinet, backed by Washington , said it would disrupt power and fuel supply to Gaza.

[1] This is an abbreviated translation of an article by Dalia Karpel titled HAMEDOVEVET [=the one who makes people talk]. The article appeared on the Hebrew Weekend Supplement, on 21 September 2007.

It is based on academic research, which Nofer Ishai-Karen and Psychology Prof. Joel Elizur, of the Hebrew University published in ALPAYIM Magazine Vol. 31.

[2] The article was not translated to English and thus did NOT appear in Haaretz English Language edition.
[3] Psychology Prof. Joel Elizur, of the Hebrew University, who guided Nofer Ishai-Karen in her Master's thesis, served in the reserves in the Mental Health Department of the Israeli Army.

But the IDF wouldn't allow him to research into Israeli Soldiers' violence. The researchers hold the interview raw audio material.

[4] To my best knowledge the Israeli Army hasn't either charged a single case of abuse or murder by soldiers of Palestinians in proper court.

September 26, 2007 From Submitted by Eileen Fleming, Reporter and Editor


I saved this article in my personal archives. That means I will use this to publish around compass, neighborhoods, etc.

I've got a GREAT IDEA!

There's an upcoming election in Canada soon, and elsewhere!

Printing these and distributing them out and putting in mailboxes (anonymously of course to protect yourself from the Jewisih-controlled 'Gestapo' that will come in the middle of the night).

may they burn in hell for all eternity.

"Money" has no value - people do.


"Money" has no value - people do.

That means a lot to me. Sincere thanks!

Canada, huh? Well we have flaming zionist supporter harper.

We also have - in comparison to the USA - far more rigid laws of this anti-hate speech, courtesy of the zionist regime, how ironic.

So, the very very powerful zionist/jew lobby in Canada can squash the truth tellers and seekers as well as the actual hate mongers.

Yeah, GR, we have to be careful.


Thank you very much Q....

for changing the title and making a great sub title!!

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Thank you Q.


State of Israel is an apartheid and rogue state. It is packed with rabid Zionists lusting for power, torture and murder. No regard for human rights whatsoever.

Same apply to Americans for what they did to Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, among other crimes against humanity committed by the CIA and U.S. military granted the power to intervene and massacre by the corrupt U.S. government controlled by the plutocratic autocrat oligarch aristocracy.

Iranian forces will respond with brutality in pummeling Israel when their country's sovereignty is breached and violated by U.S./Israel forces.

Zionist hardliner thugs are not humans, but demonic beasts. They deserve being rounded up to be beheaded, because they are monsters spawned from the depth of Hell.


My blog Last Throes of US Empire

Is their country's resources, brain power, and their tax dollars are BLEEDING into israel to create untold amounts of misery for a people that Americans have been manipulated into thinking these people, the Palestinians are terrorists.

What Americans need to learn and VERY FAST is the misery created in Palestine is reverberating BACK TO THEM in ways they cannot imagine.

Their health care is a joke. My brother lives in California, born and raised in USA, he will never own health insurance. His situation is LEGION.

The abundance of jobs, social programs, health and mental programs for the young and the old is greatly deteriorating and this shows in the crime rate of every state and province of USA and Canada.

Nepos, as far as I am concerned, beheading is too good.

I would like to see the global elitists BURIED ALIVE.


The New World Order (1940) by HG Wells.

We need to FIGHT BACK but I know getting lazy ass Americans away from the BRAINWASH Box is out of the Question.

So... Go Hippy. Tune In. Tune Out. Drop Out. Stop The Machine. Quit.

Stop The Machine.

Stop The Machine.

Stop The Machine.

This is by far one of the best pieces covering the plight of the Palestinian people. I have been writing of this plight and this is good material to use to relay to my readers and of course, I will cite the source. Looking at these photos knowing my government sponsors this inhumane treatment is beyond comprehension and belief.

Mary MacElveen!

Freelance writer, and a contributing writer for and

Freelance writer, and a contributing writer for and

I’ve seen Ayn Rand’s name mentioned from time to time at WUFYS.

Average people like the fact that Rand seemed to support “individualism.”

That’s nice, but I think certain aspects of Rand are overlooked.

Since she was a Khazar-Ashkenazi (born Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum), she gave most of her talks at the Khazar-infested institutions of Yale, Princeton, and Columbia. She favored capitalism. Capitalism run amonk is what we have today.

She was probably a zionist (Russian zionist Jews are often the worst kind of zionists).

Would she have supported “individualism” when it comes to questioning the holo-hoax?

I doubt it.

She also probably supported the Palestinian genocide.

For example, the wikipedia zionists include this quote from her…

”[The Native Americans] didn't have any rights to the land, and there was no reason for anyone to grant them rights, which they had not conceived, and were not using.... What was it they were fighting for, if they opposed white men on this continent? For their wish to continue a primitive existence, their ‘right’ to keep part of the earth untouched, unused and not even as property, just keep everybody out so that you will live practically like an animal, or maybe a few caves above it. Any white person who brought the element of civilization had the RIGHT to take over this continent.”-- Address to West Point Military Academy on March 6, 1974.

Very much, it means a lot to me that you will use this commentary for the future!

Talk about synchronicity. I just happened on your site just two days ago. I will bookmark it into my favorites for future reading.


and its coming from this Zionist idiot woman:

”[The Native Americans] didn't have any rights to the land, and there was no reason for anyone to grant them rights, which they had not conceived, and were not using.... What was it they were fighting for, if they opposed white men on this continent? For their wish to continue a primitive existence, their ‘right’ to keep part of the earth untouched, unused and not even as property, just keep everybody out so that you will live practically like an animal, or maybe a few caves above it. Any white person who brought the element of civilization had the RIGHT to take over this continent.”-- Address to West Point Military Academy on March 6, 1974.

Should we according to her analogy set on exterminating animal species as well because they occupy surface of continents. Boy, this woman is coming right out of Hell for there is no cave here on Earth that would suit her intellectual primitivity. I am sure she was using this rhetoric to justify Zionist occupation of primitive Palestine and subsequent genocide of its native people. She was playing with psychological guilt of white man in exterminating native Indians and thus "relieving" them of that inherited guilt she sought their support for yet another genocide in Palestine. Its no wonder what US soldiers are doing in Iraq when back home they had psycho teachers like this hellbitch.

"Let there be Light!"

"Let there be Light!"

for information about ayn rand.

I did read along time ago that the rands were jewish zionists.

And talk about synchronicity again!

The very same day AZ comments on ayn rand, Fountain Head is showing on TV.

Never bothered to watch it.

= = = =

I don't know why some of the pictures disappear...same thing happened to the Shake n Bake blog. I just have to keep putting new ones in.


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