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Why I speak out against israel - and so should you

Because I can't stand still when I see images like this of what israelis do to children almost every day of the week.

Because I can't stand it even more when I realize that MY TAX DOLLARS PAY FOR THIS.

I bet you can't even imagine being in that man's position, even if he's not his son or his nephew - he's a goddamn human being for God sakes - and he's only a child!

That's why I speak out against israel - and so should you.

Is it painful to see? of course, it is.

But, imagine how painful it would be if it were you, or your son or your nephew ...

Please, pass it on.

Don't let these children die in vain.

Ignoring it won't make it stop.

Only you can make that happen.

Thanks, Crescent and Cross, for reminding me that my task is not done

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that this image may be from Baghdad. I have sent an email to Crescent and Cross to clarify. Waiting for answer...


Thats all we are to the Jew.

"We all killed Jesus" Bill OReilly and Mel Gibson

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