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My elaborate letter to American Experience on "Oswald's Ghost," propaganda PBS documentary on JFK assassination

'Oswald's Ghost' trailer (2 min)

Having watched the American Experience PBS documentary "Oswald's Ghost" on the conspiracy theories and the impact of the assassinations in the 60's, I was, needless to say, infuriated about the disinformation rampant throughout the film. The only positive comment I can say about the turgid film is that it contain priceless footages rarely seen, especially Dan Rather's ridiculous conclusion that JFK's head surged forward after the fatal shot penetrated the right side of the head.

I highly recommend the books "Plausible Denial" by Mark Lane (who appears in the documentary as a talking head, but I suspect the revelatory portions on E. Howard Hunt and CIA's role were snipped not for length reason but to conceal portions of the truth) and "Final Judgment" 6th ed. by Michael Collins Piper. These are the better books that have cracked the case of the conspiracy wide open.

Here is the letter I sent to "What's Your View?" on America Experience "Oswald's Ghost" web page. It's quite long, but it's the summarization of my formulated knowledge of the conspiracy in the pursuit of truth.


While the documentary strive to supply the information in conjunction with rare footages, [director] Robert Stone did a dismal job ignoring the central heart of the conspiracy connected to the CIA (not rogue but whole) and the Mossad in the elimination of President Kennedy, partly in revenge over Bay of Pigs fiasco and JFK's private threat to "splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter to the winds" & withdraw from Vietnam where CIA place its stake and most importantly reversing JFK's foreign policy towards Israel on the matter of clandestine development of the nuclear arsenal at the secret nuclear reactor Dimona. JFK signed National Security Action Memoranda 55, 56 and 57 that stripped CIA of its power to freely operate in covert ops and to account for its actions, which outraged senior members of the CIA. (JFK fired CIA director Allen Dulles after Bay of Pigs failure, and that same person ended up as a member of the Warren Commission.)

The tension between Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion & his subsequent successor Levi Eshkol and JFK was well-documented in the telegram correspondences ("Israel and the Bomb" by Avner Cohen). David stepped down abruptly on June 23, 1963 over argument with JFK concerning Israel's right to develop nuclear weaponry, ostensibly for self-defense in case of warring with hostile enemy neighbors.

CIA and Mossad, through the coordination of chief of counterintelligence James Jesus Angleton as liaison to Israel, cooperated in the joint operation to "remove" JFK to protect their geopolitical interests as well as the reputation, and the end result were the escalation of Vietnam War due to Gulf of Tonkin hoax and the complete turnaround of U.S. foreign policy to unconditionally respect Israel's power and sovereignty as an erstwhile ally in Middle Eastern affairs.

Lee Harvey Oswald may well have been involved in the conspiracy but only as an intelligence agent through myriad of contacts (US Naval Intelligence and possibly KGB), but he was a patsy as he said -- he was simply framed up as a useful covert intelligence asset for disposal by the CIA and the conspirators. In other words, Lee was certainly not guilty.

Lyndon Barnes Johnson was undoubtedly a traitor as were the high-ranking members of the US government [and military] who knew what faction removed JFK. Because LBJ usurped the power to appease the military-industrial complex, fabricating Gulf of Tonkin incident to begin escalating the Vietnam War to a larger level and extract the blood money & introduce sophisticated weaponry, tactical strategies and military technology in the process of brutalizing Vietnam to a perpetual third world nation status. The "communist domino theory" is non-sense as an excuse framed to justify the illegal and pointlessly bloody war.

After JFK's assassination, it is likely that President Johnson had contemplated invading Cuba after fabricating the intelligence that Castro ordered the murder of JFK in retaliation for the attempted invasion as well as spreading the fear of communist onslaught if not contained; USSR agreed to withdraw the missile bases, with the condition that USSR will once again retaliate to destruct United States should U.S. invade Cuba in a massive effort again.

JFK died a true patriot for America in defending her sovereignty against foreign and internal threats that converged to murder President Kennedy. The nuclear fires of World War III will be traced back to the assassination of JFK that have changed the course of human civilization forever, with the military-industrial-Congressional complex and State of Israel consolidating the ultimate power to decide the manifest destiny for the current world affairs at large.


JFK conspiracy proof revealed (7:14)

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Way to go in shining light on the real truths behind JFK's murder.

i didn't watch the PBS show, since i figured it would be some type of BS and agitprop.

At one time, PBS was a respectable network, usually providing both sides of the story and asking the questions no one else would.

Not any more. They've been taken over by the Khazars, as evidenced by the "experts" that appear on the evening news hour.

They'll have a Jew representing the right, one the left and one the middle of a discussion item.
At the end, this bunch of shady characters will issue an "opinion."

This past week, they showed a two hour special on American Jews, which they repeated several times.

And another show, hosted by one Khazar, featuring the composed works of another Khazar.

Each month, they slowly but surely, devolve into a joke of a network, featuring what they consider to be the best of Khazaristan.

Bye-bye, PBS.

Greg Bacon

At 2:30 you can clearly hear the band begin playing Chopin's sonata no.2 in B flat minor. It should have been obvious to Kennedy when they switched from "Hail to the Chief" to the "Funeral March" that something was afoot. And that foot was a plot. And that plot was in Arlington with a little flame on top.
"Stop judging by appearances, but judge justly."


"Stop judging by appearances, but judge justly."

1.On June 4, 1963, JFK issued Executive Order 11,110, an AMENDMENT OF EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 10289, which authorized the printing of "GREENBACK" silver certificates, which were to be circulated at zero interest. This was in direct competition with the Privately held Federal Reserve counterfeiting monopoly.

2. Kennedy also was going to eliminate the CIA,and

3. He spoke against and ordered inspection of Dimona to prevent empowering the state of Israel with nuclear capability.

Now you tell me who would kill him for that.

“At one time, PBS was a respectable network, usually providing both sides of the story and asking the questions no one else would. Not any more. They've been taken over by the Khazars, as evidenced by the "experts" that appear on the evening news hour.”

Oh yes, PBS is thoroughly zionist. Hardly any non-Jews work in it any more. It’s part of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, created by Congress in 1967 and headquartered in Washington DC. It’s governed by a nine-member board that meets five or six times every year. Each member serves for six years, and is appointed by the U.S. President when there is a vacancy. Nominees must be approved by the U.S. Senate. The CPB board elects a chairperson, who normally serves for two years.

The current chairperson is Cheryl Halpern, a flaming Zionist Jew. She was the Former chairwoman of the Republican Jewish Coalition, the single most militant group in the USA (much more so than AIPAC). They support Giuliani. Halpern also sits on the board of AIPAC’s Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

From 1998 to 2002 she chaired the United Nations Advisory Council of B’nai B’rith International, parent group of the ADL. Her family has business interests in Israel, and her husband, Fredrick Michael Halpern, is a member of AIPAC and the ADL.

In 2003, Bush appointed Halpern to the CPB board in recognition of her contributions to Republican campaigns.

Immediately Halpern complained that NPR and PBS coverage of Israel were “biased” (i.e., too accurate).

In December 2005, the Corporation For Public Broadcasting’s nine-member board elected Halpern as chairperson. Immediately Halpern cut funding for programs she didn’t like, such as “NOW With Bill Moyers.” She also hired legions of Jews as NPR reporters, program managers, mid-level workers, and so on, pushing out all the filthy Goyim.

Halpern's CPB gets nearly half a billion color = red> dollars per year from the U.S. government, and its zionist programming is carried on about 1,000 public broadcasting radio and TV stations across the USA, plus a couple overseas (e.g., Berlin).

A previous zionist siege began in the 1980s when people like David Horowitz blasted public broadcasting at every opportunity. Horowitz had close ties with Republicans in congress that oversaw money for public broadcasting, and he encouraged those politicians to look hard at the CPB.

In the 1980s Horowitz formed the Committee On Media Integrity, whose main mission was to brand PBS as “anti-Semitic.” Horowitz’ campaign was supported by money from right-wing sources such as the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, plus the John M. Olin Foundation, and the Smith Richardson Foundation.

This financial backing -- plus Horowitz’ venom -- made Congress threaten to shut down the CPB if the programming didn’t go zionist.

Today Jews infest all positions at all levels of PBS. It’s a zionist propaganda outlet supported by government money.


Yes and there’s one additional factor. Attorney General Bobby Kennedy was closing in on the Meyer Lansky gang and its money laundering operations, which ranged from Switzerland to the Caribbean, and involved the same banks used by the CIA, drug lords, arms dealers, and Central American dictators. I believe JFK was removed for he reasons you’ve described, but I believe the Lansky gang arranged the actual hit. Jacob Rubenstein (aka Jack Ruby) was a close confidant of Lansky.

Why are there so many shadowy characters involved, including Bush Senior? Reason: all these creeps use the same money-laundering banks used by international gangsters and the CIA. The CIA also used the Nugan Hand Bank in Australia before that bank went under, and of course BCCI. The connection between all these people, the axis, is the money-laundering system.

This is why the CIA can shut down any FBI probe. It completely shut down the IRS probe into Lansky in the early 1970s. If Lansky’s operations were fully exposed, the CIA and thousands of rich creeps would also be exposed, right to the top of the U.S. government.

In the early 1970s, Lansky fled to Israel to evade tax charges. The Israelis say they extradited him back to the USA, but the Israelis have never extradited any Jew at any time. Lansky came back so the CIA could whitewash everything connected with him. In 1974 he was acquitted of all charges. Then he spent the rest of his life in Miami Beach, and finally rejoined Satan in 1983. Clearly he was Puzo’s inspiration for the “Hyrum Roth” character in the “Godfather” stories. To this day Jews are furious that Castro threw them out of Cuba. The non-Jewish anti-Castro crowd is extremely tight with AIPAC, and especially the ADL. AIPAC is their lobby.

For several months I've thought of writing a detailed post on the money-laundering system, and how it links so much that we see happening out there.

.. you are a big part of what makes WUFYS great, &c.

And you too Nepos, &c.

There's the 1966 $100 U.S. note bill that had been circulated in the mid-60's.

Meaning that the theory regarding the Fed instigating the hitjob on JFK over E.O. 11110 almost appear implausible.

I think maybe there's the other side of the story why Treasury would print the sheets of $100 U.S. note circa 1966, three years after JFK's death. One theory might be to torpedo the conspiracy theory (if this had been thought up in the 60's) the Federal Reserve has to do with JFK's assassination.

One thing is certain: "cui bono" after the incident enabled the Fed the unrestricted freedom to print paper money out of thin air with no substantial backing of the proven reliable commodity, without interference.

Ron Paul will abolish the Fed when he becomes a legitimately elected president against the near-impossible odds (the Elite's attempt to throw the primaries/cactuses & general election trying to select preferred candidate and orchestrated media smear attack), but he will do so with risk of attempt on his life. Remember, the central banking elite hate the challengers, and that's why they tried to assassinate Andrew Jackson but the inept assassin got beaten up by Jackson unleashing his fury.

PBS and NPR have fallen. What is in the process of falling is National Geographic. About half of its editorial board has now fallen in the hands of the enemy. NG has started slowly to become part of the grand deception in a global scale. Like PBS it carefully capitalizes on its already established prestige and credibility. If Wikipedia is a passive engine of deception, NG will be an acitive engine.

You must have noticed the strange things like exclusive right given to NG in reading and interpretation of Dead Sea Scrolls, ominous articles of upcoming inevitable global epidemic fear mongering, giving scientific credibility to bird flu nonsense, printing atlas with "Arabian Gulf" next to "Persian Gulf" names in the heat of middle east cauldron, taking side in global warming debate,...

The scariest part is that NG has accumulated an armamentarium of locally collected maps on the ground (not satellite pictures) around the world that probably CIA, Mossad, and MI6 cannot produce if tried together.


Nepos - thats a specimen note.

What Is A Specimen Note ? A Specimen Note Is A Example Of United States Currency That Was Printed For The Sole Purpose To Send To Other Countries To Show High Or Upper Officials Examples Of United States Currency They Were And Are Not Negotiable . They Were Printed In All Denominations And Are Considered To Be Very Collectible In Fact Up Until About 5 Years Ago These Notes Were Illegal To Have And If The Government Found You With One They Could Confiscate It .

I encourage you to expand the coverage of money laundering subject you mentioned at the end of the post.

The assassination of JFK and RFK has deeper roots that point to the rotten corrupt elements of the U.S. government and Israel.

I believe the CIA pose a serious threat to not only national security but the whole Washington body politic, with its history of clandestine black ops to carry out hit jobs, even JFK and RFK, to prevent the major change detrimental to the organization and its stranglehold on the "manifest destiny" of America. Partly for the freedom to run the murder and drug smuggling business in global operations to facilitate the fascist regimes favorable to U.S. business interests (hence the term "corpocracy"; early 20th century repentant conscientious objector Major General Smedley Butler was correct to point out the thuggery of American corporate culture that run roughshod thru human rights and ethics in other countries in his classic speech "War is a racket").

Vietnam provided the fuel for lucrative business interest to exploit (begun by French colonialists) and also to keep Vietnam artificially impoverished through excessive force of violence according to UC Berkeley professor Peter Dale Scott whose 1972 book "The War Conspiracy" was suppressed by the CIA (the book is one of the highest priced out of print books in existence due to genuine act of censorship disregarding Constitutional protection of free press). He claims it has to do with Vietnam about to emerge as an oil producer and the imperialists certainly don't want the "gooks" to wield the economic power in Southeast Asia. It gives the film "Apocalyse Now" a new insight into the pointlessness of the war that the right-wingers and defenders of LBJ explain is intended to prevent communism from spreading through Southeast Asia after China became red in late 40's.

The imperialists at the Pentagon saw the opportunity to exploit Vietnam as the live battlefield to utilize their tactical warfare methods, so in their view violently challenging Vietnam is a way to bask in military glory and for pride, rather than national security by physically defending U.S. and the bases overseas.

Either way, Americans were expendable for the Establishment to fight the unnecessary wars. This is true with the Gulf wars. Saddam Hussein did not begin to invade Kuwait over underground border oil theft dispute until the American ambassador claim to be neutral in the dispute, and Saddam fell for the trap. Lying to the head of states to "start" the war so U.S. can intervene proclaiming to be the moral authority.

Fuck that. The Pentagon and the CIA should be eliminated for harming U.S.'s sovereignty and security more than protecting. The legacy of JFK is peace, through imperfect. The Establishment that seek wealth in defrauding the taxpayer money through the trillion-dollar megadeal with U.S. govt in military technology and supplement developed by the major corporations (GE, Boeing, Raytheon, Textron, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Carlyle Group, TRW, etc) consider the subservience of Washington politico to the military-industrial complex crucial to their profits (and provide highest standard of living for the executives and amoral stockholders with mega-mansions, jewelries, prime lands and social prominence), so the wars must come with the manufactured reasons like the red menace of the USSR and 9-11.

JFK wanted to follow up to Dwight Eisenhower's prophetic farewell address by ending the Establishment's ambition to exploit Vietnam despite the problems within Vietnam, which should be left to the indigenous people and not the colonial force. This is how JFK was removed because he wanted international peace as led by the U.S. after WWII and Korean War, and they don't want peace at ANY cost.

Murder is a lucrative business just like the villainous businesspeople in Hostel movies. Peace to them is abominable because it do not make money. War does, and they revel in it with luscious feasting. Pride and greed are two of the seven deadly sins with dire consequence of being cast to Hell, according to Christian belief.

And these people who indulge happen to be practicing Christianity. Christians that defy the teachings of Christ with the carnal desire for mass murder by the glory of war, like GW Bush & Dick Cheney, the unindicted killers of over a million civilians in the long run.

They are called "War Party", and nothing will change for the better unless Americans wake the fuck up from their national apathy and ignorant attitude towards the 'truth'. Let them eat cake when they war with Iran & Russia, because War Party love the golden opportunity to start World War III so there's even more profits to roll in while they relax with assured safety inside suite-like bomb shelters.

I didn't write the main body of the text, but it was so brilliantly put I had to re-post the essay with additional text commentary by George Carlin on the first Gulf War ("Rockets & Penises in the Persian Gulf").

The Putridity of America's soul in the irreversible extirpation of Her moral compass

Jim DiEugenio also makes the point here to contact PBS and register your displeasure. As Jim points out in that interview and his review of Oswald's Ghost that by ignoring the work of the ARRB (JFK Records Act of 1992) Robert Stone conveniently ignores Oswald's application to the 'spooky' -- Albert Schweitzer College -- among other things as if the HSCA, JFK, and the ARRB never existed.

The Atsugi Air Base -- where Oswald was a radar operator at that base with the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing -- was a major CIA stronghold. One of their biggest bases in the world in the 1950's. The U2 spy planes flew out of there, including the one that Francis Gary Powers was shot down in 1960.

We appreciate your contribution of additional info that will help understand Oswald's motivations.

You're welcome Nepos. Thank you for calling PBS on this disingenuous, albeit slick, propaganda piece.

It's very clear that Oswald was a sheep-dipped patsy.
So a true accounting of his activities and acquaintances would make an even better story. Not to mention historical accuracy would be a nice too.

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