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'Osama Ben Laid In' a Grave for 6 Years

Osama Ben Dead for 6 Years

Osama has been dead for years - HistorySCAMmel.CON keeps deleting the information.

The miraculous finding of Osama tapes at just the right times. Almost like they could make them at will. 4th posting.

thats a pretty good trick for a dead guy. --- YEP, DEAD FOR 6 YEARS. US is the only 'intelligence agency' that does not admit it openly. see link: for very old news

Within minutes after the attacks, a parade of politicians and "terrorism experts" appeared on every TV channel, all claiming that the attacks were the work of Osama Bin Laden. A traumatized American public swallowed it all hook, line, and sinker, just like the real perpetrators knew we would. The Bush administration claimed that it had evidence linking Bin Laden to the attacks which it would release to the public in a matter of days. They never did. Just like they never provided any evidence that Al Qaeda blew up the US embassies in Africa in 1997. The entire case against Osama Bin Laden was based on nothing but the repeated claim that he was the culprit for the embassy bombings and for 9-11. The entire case against Bin Laden was a mass brainwash job from the very start.

Demands were placed upon the Taleban government of Afghanistan turn Bin Laden over to the US or face an attack (we established earlier that US military action had already been planned since June). (1) , (2) The Taleban offered to turn Bin Laden over to a neutral party if the US provided any evidence to them that he had anything to do with the 1997 US African embassy bombings or the 9-11 attacks. The evidence was never presented to the Taleban for two reasons:

1. There was never any evidence, not even circumstantial.

2. The war to replace the Taleban with a US puppet government was already in motion. The 9-11 attacks served as the perfect excuse, the 'incident' to win the support of the American people and kick off the war.

Three months after the attacks, and with the bombing of Afghani peasants in full swing, the US had still not provided one shred of evidence to link Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda "terrorist network" to 9-11. People in foreign countries were beginning to ask questions. Then one day, the Pentagon claimed that some unnamed source found a video tape in Afghanistan. The Bush gang began dropping hints in the media that this video shows Osama Bin Laden bragging and admitting his role in the attacks. How convenient! And how improbable. The "mastermind" of 9-11, who was so brilliant that he pulled off 9-11 without being detected, was careless enough to leave a "confession video" laying around to be discovered by the US!


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