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Chinese Secret Society issues threat to exterminate the Illuminati over NWO plan

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From (excerpted for informative purpose)

Chinese Secret Society Challenges Illuminati

By Henry Makow PhD, June 30, 2007

A Chinese secret society with 6 million members, including 1.8 million Asian gangsters and 100,000 professional assassins, have targeted Illuminati members if they proceed with world depopulation plans, according to Tokyo-based journalist Benjamin Fulford, 46.

They contacted Fulford, a Canadian ex pat, after he warned that the Illuminati plan to reduce the Asian population to just 500 million by means of race-specific biological weapons.

"The Illuminati, with the exception of Japan, is very much a white man's game," Fulford says.

The secret society confirmed Fulford's information and asked him for advice. He provided a list of 10,000 people associated with the Illuminati, mainly members of the Bilderberg, CFR and Skull and Bones. Neo Cons are also high priority targets.

"I have been promised that not a single person will die if they negotiate in good faith," Fulford says.


"They approached me and asked if they could help after I made a speech in Tokyo describing the Bush regimes' use of race-specific biological weapons. For me it was like a ghost from the history books appearing right in front of me. At first I thought of silly things like having them play 911 truth videos in Chinatowns around the world. However, then I remembered the scene from the movie Kill Bill where Uma Thurman snatches out her opponent's eye. I soon realized these people could save the world by directly attacking the eye at the top of the pyramid on the one-dollar bill."

"Think about it, the Illuminati and their top servants have a total membership of about 10,000 whereas the Chinese group has over 6 million members. That is 600 to one odds. Furthermore, the 6 million have the names and addresses of the 10,000 while the 10,000 do not know who or where the 6 million are."


I challenged Fulford on Germany, Italy, Scandinavia and possibly Russia not being controlled by the Illuminati. He replied that "the quality of my intelligence varies":

"I can say with certainty that China, Russia and India are free. When Putin kicked out Nieslev and Bereshovsky and arrested Khordokovsky, he basically kicked the Rockefellers and Rothschilds out of Russia. I have good Russian sources and am confident Putin is a nationalist who is fighting the Illuminati with all his might. When ex-NSA chief Bobby Inman spoke at the Foreign Correspondent's Club of Japan on June 26th he made it very clear he expected a protracted struggle with Russia.

"India kicked them out in Ghandi's day and they have never been allowed back. Having liberated themselves after 300 years of Illuminati (East India Company) rule, they do not intend to let themselves fall under their control again.

"There have been many attempts by the Illuminati to infiltrate and dominate China. They financed Chairman Mao but he then kicked them out in the 1960's (that is why China and the USSR nearly went to war then). They are now trying to create a financial crisis in China that would open the way for them to infiltrate the Chinese financial system. They will not succeed. Italy basically purged itself during the big P2 Masonic lodge scandal back in the 80's and re-infiltration has only been partly successful. Germany is part of the Nato alliance and is thus indirectly controlled. There is a powerful branch of the Rothschild family operating there.

"However, Germany does not appear on a top-secret Illuminati power flow chart I have obtained. As far as Iran is concerned, I know they financed Ayatollah Khomeini and Iran appears on the flow chart I have. My understanding is they want to provoke a conflict between Islam and the West so they can consolidate their control over the Muslim and Christian worlds before finishing world conquest by taking over China and India."


Fulford says a meeting is being arranged with Russia's Vladimir Putin to make sure the KGB also cooperates in this plan to snatch the eye out of the pyramid.

"So far, I have told the Illuminati that they are no longer allowed to murder Japanese politicians. I now plan to extend this protection to all politicians in the West. If the Illuminati assassinate or attempt to assassinate Ron Paul, Barak Obama or any politician, may God have mercy on their souls."

"Since I am a peace-loving, laid-back Canadian suddenly put in a situation of great responsibility, I feel I must act as a servant of the weakest people and creatures on the planet. I have also been negotiating in secret with the Illuminati in the hopes of arranging for them to cede power without any bloodshed in exchange for a general amnesty.

"I do believe we now have a real chance to end the New World Order and start the New Age. The New Age would be one where war, poverty and environmental destruction would only be found in the history books."


The summary is that if New World Order elitists, including the members of Council on Foreign Relations and the Rockefeller, Walburg and Rothchilds families, dare to assassinate Ron Paul, Barack Obama or other American presidential candidate considered 'progressive' to return the power to the People, Chinese secret society will retaliate to destroy the prominent Illuminati members, one by one.


don't I wish that it could go down without bloodshed.

but millions of people's blood has already been shed and there is no sign of abatement.

things will get far worse before they get any better. and the idea that there is 6 million of them is meaningless if they are not tightly organized.

the single most powerful weapon "the illuminati" or zionists - whichever you prefer to call them - wield is the organizing power of the almighty dollar - with it they control the power of nations, bringing it down with precision and might on all those who oppose them.

but there is One power that supercedes it and unifies people of all races ...


"Money" has no value - people do.


"Money" has no value - people do.

It's a bit curious that the number of alleged members of the secret Chinese society is SIX MILLION.

In a country of over one billion people and with millions more spread world-wide, it would seem that this society could gather more than 6 million members.

I hope the article is legit and that someone is willing to confront nefarious bastards like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, but i also hope the number SIX MILLION isn't another MOSSAD front using the Zionist playbook.

Greg Bacon

I provided the links in the post, but since you may have overlooked it (it's all right; it's a real doozy to research) I would recommend a spare time to listen to Jeff Rense's radio interview [mp3] with Benjamin Fulford or read the first transcript of the interview.

Absorbing the detail is, needless to say, astounding to point of unbelievability. But because Benjamin Fulford spoke quite lucidly, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and accept some of his claims (you will know a few outlandish claims that I was skeptical of).

I first learned of Chinese secret society by reading Henry Makow's mind-boggling article when it first hit the Internet in summer 2007. Re-reading the article and perusing the transcript invigorated me to make a detailed post on WUFYS, despite its seemingly outlandish claim of Six million assassins among other weird things.

The reason why there would be six million estimate is because according to Ben'S CLAIM, the organization, if the term is correct, remained dormant until the Illuminati attempted to develop the bioweapon designed to kill hundreds of millions of Asian people in the East and Southeast Asia to manage population quota , and the secret society was "resurrected" to form the opposing movement. The six million figure is composed of anti-Communist persons descended from the ancient dynasty who are just ordinary people living a double life as professional martial artists and ninjas (despite the stereotypical Hollywood image of a ninja in black-clad costume wielding weapons, which is opposite of reality, they are deadly in the expertise of stealth combat using bare hands and choice weapons).

I know it sounds wild. Just check out lengthy interview with Ben, it's entertaining to say the least.

fulford is the most obvious disinfo peddler I've ever seen in the troof movement

Screw these infidels; even their faith in that which is not (satan etc) is so pathetic, they won't last long in the furnace!!!!

I'm not scared at all, heck i might not even go in right away this time. All the real baddies are gettin' cleansed first; for Good this time 'round.

It sounds like a big load of wank to me. I just don't see the Zionists packing in their plans for world domination over a dubious threat by a team of Chinese ninjas.

Secret government promises big changes

By Benjamin Fulford

I listened to the Rense interview though, and it was interesting. We'll know for sure whether or not Fulford is full of shit in the near term, because he basically tells us that either there will be immediate changes, or Rockefeller and co. will be assassinated by ninjas. I won't write him off as disinfo just yet though, because I want it all to be true.

Reverse speech analysis seems to confirm that Fulford is sincere. But there's always the possibility that he's insane.

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