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The Thanksgiving Crash of WUFYS - Coincidence????

WUFYS went down for almost 20 hours yesterday - ACCOUNT SUSPENDED. The last posted comment before it went down was:

You'll know by the composition of the body count

If there were a large number of wealthy jews killed, (since it was ritzy hotels in India's financial center), you'll know it was a genuine terror event. otherwise, if only token jews get killed and if the jewish hostages, a venerable old Lubavitch rabbi and his wife, get released, you'll know it's a false flag.

Jews get warned off from false flag attacks, like 911.
Claymoremind | Thu, 2008-11-27 09:53

Which preceded by about two hours THIS report:

FM: No Israelis in Mumbai Hospitals
Cheshvan 29, 5769, 27 November 08 09:54

( Foreign Ministry Spokesman Yossi Levi said, mid-morning Thursday, that according to the data received by Israel's control center for the Mombai terrorist attacks there are no Israelis among the wounded or dead in Mombai hospitals.

Levi added that reports coming had not yielded new specific information about the condition of Chabad Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife, who are being held by terrorists in the Mumbai Chabad house.
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Now we know this has happened:

Top News
Israeli intel officers sent to Mumbai
Published: Nov. 28, 2008 at 1:14 AM

MUMBAI, Nov. 28 (UPI) -- Israel, concerned about its nationals trapped or missing in terrorist-ravaged Mumbai, has sent intelligence officers to India, Haaretz newspaper reported.

Separately, The Jerusalem Post quoted Israeli officials as saying the Indian counter-terrorist forces are well trained but sufficient intelligence was not gathered before engaging the terrorists.

Indian military and police commandos, who have been battling the terrorists since they went on their killing spree Wednesday, concentrated their operation Friday on freeing hostages held by the gunmen at the Chabad House, a Jewish center in the fashionable and upscale Nariman Point. The place, among other buildings owned by the Jewish community, is a favorite of Israeli tourists.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak also offered security, intelligence and humanitarian aid to India but the Haaretz report said the Indian government appeared not interested in any high-profile Israeli security assistance.

Some Indian media reports have said Israelis, Britons and Americans were the main targets of the terrorists.

Although the majority of the estimated 125 people killed by the terrorists are Indians, the toll also included six foreigners. The attackers also injured more than 300 people, including some foreigners.

The Haaretz report quoted Israeli security forces as saying if the attack on the Chabad House was established as having been planned, the security of Jewish institutions around the world would need to be fortified.

The Press Trust of India reported Barak also talked to Indian National Security Adviser M.K. Narayanan.


Of course it was only a problem with the new text editor,


It was probably a Database problem, similar to last week

...and I might need to take the site offline for some hours while I hunt for the source of the problem. Bluehost told me they had restored access to the site's control panel, but I am quite surprised to see the site back online. It really shouldn't be online until the problem is identified and rectified - as we risk having the site suspended again.

The 'Truth will set you Free' is an alternative media conspiracy site that offer some insightful looks at current events. On 11/27/2008 the writer looked at the Mumbai attack, where 102 were killed in India, and thought it maybe a Israeli False Flag. I guess that was too much and they suspended his account. The trouble is when and Google do this, people wonder if there was some truth to the article.

Greg Bacon

i think sully fixed it. have contacted him to doublecheck. host gave me gobbledeegook when i contacted them.qrswave is outta town.


i ain't dead yet

Gave up checking your site, thought someone had finally got to you with the threats.

Glad to hear you're still around.


Greg Bacon

whenever a major FALSE FLAG op (Mumbai) occurs, WUFYS gets taken off the air.  I observed that many influential zionists do in fact, earnestly read WUFYS

Even though US military personell are censored from reading WUFYS, when they have the opportunity many do read (and contribute).  I just hope more people wake up to the reality of today's false terrorism.

absolutely agree, good to hear from you, marc

Hundreds dead, thousands wounded, but O.M.G. - WHERE'S THE REBBE!!!!

Not a report has been written and already, the 2%ers are weighing in from ziostan, the seat of all knowledge on matters terroristic:

Israel - India's rescue efforts 'premature and badly planned'

Here we go folks - we have a new Leon Klinghoffer!

A jew has been injured, so the people of India had better just plan on generations of reparations for this latest "Holocaust"

last wordly threat i got was 3 slugs in the back. didn't work.

gonna try to set up web radio at old site.

need help or it will take longer.

my techie wimped out

type too slow for upcoming disaster

need to be on air by end december.

man, one mother of a sh*tstorm is coming

A host with sufficient streaming capacity does not come cheap though, and many have prohibitive terms of service.

didn't know you did the "parlez vous.'

appreciate yor welcome.

i check wufys almost daily. like your stuff and a whole lot more here.


More strange happenings.....

 MUMBAI: The terrorists who struck at Taj Mahal hotel operated with ease and showed no remorse and fired at anyone who moved, a top marine
commando said, adding he saw 12 to 15 dead bodies in a single room at the luxury premises. ( Watch )

Giving an account of the commando raid at the besieged Taj, the leader of Indian Navy's elite Marine Commandos (MARCOS) today said his team saw about 50 dead bodies scattered through the hotel during the flush out operation. "12 to 15 dead bodies" were seen in one single room, he said.

"They were the kind of people with no remorse — anybody and whomsoever came in front of them they fired," the unidentified masked commando whose face was disguised in a black scarf and sunglasses said.

The account by the commando, who battled terrorists room-to-room in the hotel, was the first of the fighting to be given by a member of the elite operations unit since their operations began in the early hours of Thursday.

A Mauritius national's identity card was recovered from the rucksack of a terrorist who escaped from a hotel room, he said, adding the recovered rucksack also contained Chinese made hand grenades, seven ammunition magazines, 400 spare rounds of ammunition, seven credit cards of different banks, dry rations and USD 1,200 and Rs 6,840.

He said the commandos had been hampered by not knowing the layout of the 400 rooms in the hotel and that the exchanges of fire had taken place in darkness.

But, he said the terrorists who were hurling grenades and firing from different floors and could not be seen because of the darkness and were "operating with ease."

Indicating that the terrorists had done a recce of the targeted landmarks before their attack, the MARCOS leader said it was because of their knowledge of the building that the terrorists were able to strike at will.

The commando said the assault team had noticed only three to four terrorists, who were probably operating from different floors, as they were very well versed with the topography of the Taj hotel, where they were holed up for nearly 40 hours.

He said the commandos could have got the terrorists but for the presence of many guests. "The bodies were lying strewn here and there. There was blood all over and in trying to avoid the casualty of those civilians, we had to be that much more careful," he said.

The guerrillas would have needed training to fire the weapons they used, he said, adding "Definitely it appears not everybody can fire the AK series of weapons." AK-47 rifles were among the weapons used by the terrorists.
Describing the physique of terrorists, the MARCOS leader said they were not of a "big built" and were below thirty years of age.

"They were wearing T-shirts and looked to be below 30 years and were of normal built," he said.

The MARCOS leader said the team faced a problem in dealing with the terrorists inside the hotel as they did not know much about the building and had to take the help of the hotel staff to operate there.

"We had to find our way out as we did not know the layout of Taj. The hotel staff helped us to find our way inside there," he said.

The team could not even get access to the CCTV monitoring room that could have helped it in finding the exact location of the terrorists.

"When we tried to enter the CCTV room, it was full of smoke and entering it was not possible and terrorists were also continuing with their fire," the team leader said.

The MARCOS leader said terrorists were taking advantage of the darkness inside the hotel and continued firing whereas they had to move ahead with caution to avoid civilian casualties inside there.

"They were firing all over and people were getting killed. We were also firing back at them but we had to be careful as civilian casualties are to be avoided," he added.

Hundreds dead, thousands wounded, but CNN and FUX is stuck on the two Hasidic Jews.

So, how did they die?

Were the two Hasidic Jews sacrificed for greater Israel?

And just exactly how did they die?

Self-inflicted wounds?

A shootout with the local police?

Did the two have gunshot residue on their hands?

Were there weapons in their hands?

I'm asking these questions here since you damn sure won't find any answers on CNN or FOX, who are too busy running a non-stop pity party for two Jews.

158 others were killed, but alll CNN/FUX is running is stories about the Chosen Ones.

Isn't it interesting that when things start getting hot in Gaza, like the UN President calling for a boycott of Israel, things start going BOOM elsewhere?

Greg Bacon

who were killed when they fought against the Indian Commandos. 

This whole mess smells like a FRIGGIN' FALSE FLAG.  You see all over Jewish/Zionist-controlled Media Outlets (BBC, CNN, Fox, etc).

If Jewish media is pushing this so hard, it leaves you pondering why?!!!!

People are told constantly that those damned "Muzzies" are blood-thirsty throat slitters who delight in killing everyone, including babies.

So how did this couple's baby escape harm?

Why wasn't it shot up like the rest of the occupants?

Did the two Hasidics get that kid out before they started firing their AK47's?

And was there an Odigo type of warning to the hotels or other buildings that got struck?

Since Mumbia is India's center for financial deals,there should have been a lot more than just a couple of the Tribe dead.

Or did they get a warning to get the hell out?

Greg Bacon

With the Indian love for Jewelry, the hotels should have been hip deep in dead Hasidic diamond traders alone.

Obviously a false flag frame up job on Pakistan.

I hope the people of India see thru this like the people of Spain saw thru the Mossad 7/11 train bombings.

Mark, am I reading this right that you got shot three times in the back?

If so, what have the cops done if anything besides try and blame you for being in the wrong place?

Greg Bacon

Enter their que.  Just as expected, these "terrorist experts" offer assistance to India.

Hope India figures out WHO REALLY is behind all this, the sooner the better!

US, UK, Israel ramp up intelligence aid to India
28 Nov 2008, 2320 hrs IST, Chidanand Rajghatta, TNN
WASHINGTON: Unprecedented intelligence cooperation involving investigating agencies and spy outfits of India, United States, United Kingdom and Israel has got underway to crack the method and motive behind the Mumbai terrorist massacre, now widely blamed on Islamist radicals who appeared to have all four countries on their hit list when they arrived on the shores of India.

Investigators, forensic analysts, counter-terrorism experts and spymasters from agencies the four countries are converging in New Delhi and Mumbai to put their heads, resources, and skills together to understand the evolving nature of the beast. The spy chief of the Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence(ISI) is also being summoned to India to help with the investigations because of the widely-held view that the terrorists' footprints go back to Pakistan. ( Watch )

The Bush administration has taken the lead to forge cooperation, partly out of concern that charges by India that the terror plot has Pakistani fingerprints could setback fast-improving government-to-government and people-to-people ties between the two countries, officials said.

But there is an implicit recognition both in New Delhi and Washington, and also other world capitals, that Pakistan's hard-line Army and its spy agency are spoilers of the honeymoon between the civilian governments and the people of India and Pakistan. Hence the summons to the country's chief spook, Ahmad Shuja Pasha, an acolyte of the new Army Chief Pervez Kiyani, himself a former ISI chief.

President Bush, who spent Thanksgiving Thursday at Camp David, monitored the developments in Mumbai along with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who joined him for dinner. Bush also spoke to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh offering all U.S help.

In fact, CNN reported that Washington suggested sending US Special Forces for on-the-ground operations in Mumbai but New Delhi declined the offer, saying its own forces could take care of the situation. The report could not be separately verified although officials acknowledged cooperation in investigations and intelligence sharing.

The Bush administration is also keeping President-elect Barack Obama up-to-speed on the fast moving developments. Obama spoke with Secretary Rice by phone to get an update on the situation in Mumbai. Additionally, his transition office said, the President-elect received an intelligence briefing on the attacks.

The President-elect is also receiving regular situational updates from the State Department Ops Center and the National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC), an Obama spokesperson added.

The multi-nation intelligence cooperation has been precipitated in part by the death of Americans, Britons, and Israelis, in the carnage. Thousands of Indians have died in terror attacks in India in the previous two decades without the world getting exercised about it, but the manner in which the terrorists who attacked Mumbai are reported to have singled out Americans and Britons, besides pointedly occupying a Jewish center, has revealed that their agenda was wider than just domestic discontent or the Kashmir issue.

Some unconfirmed reports also speak of at least two of the terrorists being British nationals of Pakistani origin, of the kind who were involved in the London underground bombing. Their attire (cargo pants and t-shirts), their heavy weaponry, and the sophisticated nature of their attack, certainly goes far beyond anything local or indigenous terror groups have displayed so far.

More significantly, none of the local groups have targeted Americans, Britons, and Israelis with the kind of specific intent as the current set of terrorists did. While US officials are concerned about the possibility of the new warmth in ties between India and Pakistan dissipating because of the gravity of the charges from New Delhi, there is also a recognition and acknowledgment that India's anger is directed against the hard-line elements in the Pakistani Army and its surrogates in the ISI, and not the civilian government or the people of Pakistan.

In fact, Washington itself has been trying to get Pakistan's civilian government to get a grip on the ISI, which many believe is now infiltrated by rogue elements.

That joint effort by Washington and the civilian dispensation in Islamabad has been repeatedly thwarted by Pakistan's hard-line army which believes it is the custodian and guarantor of the Islamist ideology that keep Pakistan intact and differentiates it from India, and which the ISI as its fighting arm for a covert asymmetrical war against India. Pakistan's new President Asif Ali Zardari recently attracted the wrath of the hardliners by saying "there is a little bit of India inside every Pakistani" and presenting a no-first-use of nuclear weapons proposal to India.

The Bush administration has only lately begun to realise that the ISI is a different beast from the one which helped it defeat the Soviet Union in Afghanistan to end the Cold War. The first sign that the ISI had turned rogue came during 9/11 when Pakistan's spy chief who was tasked to go and ask the Taliban to surrender did exactly the opposite. India's mistrust of ISI has a longer history, with the nadir coming during the Kargil war.

But under withering scrutiny from the international community, Pakistan, which is desperately broke and begging for international aid and loans, has agreed to send the ISI chief to New Delhi with promise of cooperation. That promise will be tested in the coming days and weeks.

Post a potentially controversial article or comment on a very topical subject and the site's traffic inevitably goes through the roof. More simultaneous users (most of them non-registered 'anonymous' users) means more simultaneous and longer-running database queries. More long-running database queries means the site is automatically suspended.

I have set up 'static caching' on the site for non-registered users, which means they should present little or no load on the database in future - provided static caching works as advertised. We'll see!

Your explanation about the crash is very plausible - the question remains how can we stop the overload of the shared resource?

The article the caused the crash was the article Nepos posted questioning the Mossad involvement in Mumbai. The article was linked by WhatReallyHappened.

Perhaps we should ask that Micheal Rivero stop linking to our articles to prevent this overload problem?

While the increased audience is good, should we be providing content increasing the web traffic for a host that many here believe is a gatekeeper?

Micheal Rivero now charges his members to publish articles. Perhaps we should charge him when he pilfers our original work.

There is little we can do beyond the changes I made, except maybe move hosts after choosing a new host VERY carefully. We would be crazy to ask others to stop linking to us. In any even, the caching of pages for anonymous visitors will reduce the load significantly. The only drawback is that the anonymous visitor might not see any new comments for a short while after they are published.


A host with sufficient streaming capacity does not come cheap though, and many have prohibitive terms of service.

are u talking uk rates?

how prohibitive are the terms?

It is some time ago since I investigated costs. The hosts I looked at were in Continental Europe and the United States. The prices then were prohibitive, but going through a few sites this morning, the rates seem to have gone down somewhat - 50 slots at 128kbps (reasonably high quality) for $76.00 a month. The same 50 slots at 56kbps would set you back $36.00 a month. The downside is many of the hosts have provisions like this (and frequently worse) in their terms and conditions:

Client will not, however, use server resources for any illegal activity, including the sharing of copyrighted programs as well as slanderous material. Client will not run any program that is specifically designed to bog down server resources.

While not specifically prohibitive, this leaves plenty of scope for the host to close down your streams if they don't like what you are saying or if certain powerful pressure groups take exception to the content of your shows and complain. It would be up to you to contest the legality/illegality of the content with them in a court of law.

I'm not saying they would invoke this clause to gag free speech, but I can see how they might, particularly if the 'fairness doctrine' comes into law. Other hosts I came across had T&Cs considerably more prohibitive, including conditions with regard to 'hate speech' and so on.

one very complicated story....

guy who shot me ran 3 hired killers who blew it, so he took a shot himself. there's a lot more....

maybe later. send me a wufys message with an email addy i can contact you at.

mid twenties, has access to my name,addy,phone number. way to insistent on talking to me. seems adamant obama will not change the israel/palestinian situation. i believe and told him quite the opposite. filled in qrswave on dramatic US foreign policy shift in the ME under obama.

fact is the economic perfect storm has yet to hit and will almost eclipse foreign policy, be ready by obama's inauguration to look after yourselves. practise good neighbourly relations now if you have not done so. 

Marc, send an email to QRS and she can forward your email to my email addy that's listed with WUFYS.

Greg Bacon

Please don't start charging anyone to access WUFYS.

WUFYS is one of the pure sites that dispenses unfiltered BS and the more available it is to the public, the more minds you'll open.

A lot of people think the Internet should be free.

That's possible, if you've got a fairy godmother that can magically make money appear.

If it's free to one person, then someone else is paying the freight.

If WUFYS is needing some cash to help with site maintenance, I could scrape together some bucks to donate.

But please don't start charging to view WUFYS, it would be a step backward.

Greg Bacon

That goes against the spirit of the site and in any event, half the stuff posted here is grabbed from elsewhere. Nobody is seriously suggesting charging for access to WUFYS, are they? A request for donations, ala Infoclearinghouse, would be the most I would expect might happen, and even then, not quite with the same regularity and prominence, after all, we are just interested in paying the hosting costs, not trying to make a living out of it.

re ur,

Streaming Radio

i've filed your comment.

pricing is doable, however, i've found a few free streaming radio sites.


pls use email to respond. i'd rather not cover this in this forum




how do you use the respond to a comment gizmo?

gb,gb,ur making things difficult. if i give u an email addy will you write me? make a onetime account if u have to. 

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