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phony jewish charity figures

This AP story says:

Experts estimate that about 5% of all money donated by American Jews — and 20% donated particularly to Jewish causes — goes to Israel …

thus implying that only a quarter of American Jewish charity giving is donated specifically to Jewish causes. However, when you look at the report from which they are quoting and check the definitions, you find that:

Some grants to secular institutions were designated for Jewish purposes, for example, Jewish studies programs at universities. These are classified, nevertheless, as secular. Similarly, grants can be made to Jewish organizations to serve the general public, and these are classified as Jewish, because the grant recipient is a Jewish institution. All giving to Israel, regardless of purpose, is considered Jewish … (2007)

The artificially low figure of only 25% of all Jewish-American charity being donated to specifically ‘Jewish’ causes is obtained by not counting donations to non-religiously Jewish causes, such as, for example, Jewish studies programs at (secular) universities. Suppose that we added all the Jewish causes that are not religiously Jewish in the USA, we might reach 50%. Secular Jewish welfare organisations abound overwhelmingly, and none of them are included, from Jewish studies departments at (secular) universities, outwards.


Another example of Israeli loyalists (no matter where they live) being "Jewish" when convenient, and distancing themselves from the label when that serves better.

We'll call them Israel and Israel loyalists from now on, so we now exaclt who we're speaking of!


Thanks to Mike Rivero of What Really Happened and company for linking to this story.



Took a while to mull over to understand.

Just means that if Jews can split into religious and not, its made to look as if 75% of their donations go to Goys - perish the thought.

But as goy causes are not mentioned in this text then one may conclude that 100% goes to Jewish causes, religious and not.

I mean, as i can't imagine Jews doing other than oppressing in the myriad ways they have honed over time us Goys, why then give anything  to Goy charity unless it really fronts for Jews ?


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