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Terms of Service

Your use of this site is subject to the following Terms & Conditions:

  1. This site is a community, not a personal soap-box. Just like any community, it will succeed only when its members respect each other. Personal attacks and flame wars will not be tolerated.  In a community full of diverse opinions and perspectives, disagreements will happen. Personal attacks are not a way of dealing with disagreements and are a direct violation of these Terms and Conditions. Those who repeatedly engage in personal attacks may be subject to a permanent ban.
  2. Members of this site may not threaten or verbally abuse other members of this site or any other person, or encourage anyone else to do so. Members may not use defamatory language or deliberately disrupt discussions with repetitive or off-topic messages.
  3. Anyone posting or commenting here is solely responsible for the content of of their posts or comments. Members of this site may not upload or otherwise publish on the site any defamatory, libelous, obscene, pornographic or abusive material.  
  4. Members may not post copyrighted material in its entirety without the permission of the copyright holder, but should instead cite the most pertinent sections of the material.
  5. For their own privacy and that of others, members of this site may not post information that personally identifies themselves, any other user or indeed any other person. This includes email addresses, telephone numbers or street addresses.
  6. This site operates a policy of one account per person. Opening a duplicate account will result in all but one of the accounts being deleted or all duplicate accounts being merged, usually into the oldest identity. This will happen without the consent of the account holder. Where a recently-opened duplicate account has already been used for sockpuppetry before being flagged, the most likely course of action will be the deletion of all accounts involved and a permanent ban on the IP address used to create them. 
  7. Members are advised to read the Posting Guidelines, which are designed to make the site easy to use for members and guests alike.

Although we are opposed to censorship and promote freedom of speech, in those very rare cases where we are forced to set aside those principles, Wake Up From Your Slumber moderators reserve the right to delete, move or edit posts and comments that they, in their sole discretion, deem to be defamatory, obscene, abusive, engaged in personal flame wars or a violation of copyright. Posts may also be edited so that they fit in better with the layout of the site. Posts that break the site's layout may also be edited to ensure that the site functions correctly.

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