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This is how NATO and their "rebel" allies defend civilians

This is how  NATO and the rebels are protecting civilians in Sirt


This video is too horrific to comment on, but on second thought, I wish this would happen to the children of some Western general or politician or warmonger. Just once. The parent would instantly become a staunch opponent of war.

Are Western governments evil, or what? And those "rebels" are terrorist scum.

I watched the video once, which is all I could take. It's haunting to be sure.

I wish every politician would be forced to watch it, but then, they're sociopaths.

They would just say this is proof that NATO was right to attack Libya.

On 11 and 12 October, movie actress Angelina Jolie was in Libya to support to these atrocities.

Her father, actor John Voight, is ultra-ULTRA right wing and pro-war. A real P.O.S.

More videos of NATO's handiwork on children here, equally horrific.

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